Labour weekend

Well its been an OK Labour Weekend. I was real sick last week and took half the week off and by the weekend was totally stuffed so Saturday was a bit of a write-off. Lovely day though, as was Sunday. Nick had riding lessons both days which despite only being 1 – 1 1/2 hours long actually takes all day by the time he’s gotten sorted in the morning, picked up the horse (he was riding Lovejoy because Suzie broke her arm at the last training day), got there, done lesson, chatted or whatever, dropped horse back etc.

On Saturday I watched the entire Ivanhoe miniseries which I taped about ten years ago off TV. For some reason I thought it was about 3 1/2 hours long but its closer to five. Tape’s about buggered so I have ordered a copy from Amazon, along with the Anthony Andrews et al one and an even earlier one as they were offering all three for a reduced sum so why not. I actually like both equally but for different reasons. The miniseries one (late 1990s) they’ve tried to go realistic and being so long has much more detail. The characters are all pretty well acted although some of the combat lacks realness. The Anthony Andrews is full-on romantic (Rowena is always shot in soft focus) which I suspect might be closer to the book but then I have never read it. Anyway Sam Neill’s the baddy and is a total grease-ball.

Sunday I did a little more, read more, walked Kiwi more like 40 minutes than 30, did some washing etc.

Today was a bit overcast (its raining full on now) and I got to try out the new mower. It only stopped a couple of times which was pretty good going given that some of the grass in the orchard was almost as high as the top of the mower. We got a John Deere ride-on off trademe, although it was from a shop in the end. We paid a bit more than we’d really wanted to but that’s often the way. Anyway it dealt really well and I can now walk around outside without tangling in grass and tripping.

Nick seems satisfied. He’s now telling me that its raining satisfactorily hard and probably harder than it has since he got his new toy installed – a weather station. Its attached to the chicken house and measures all sorts of things which its sends wirelessly to a wee monitor thing in the kitchen.

I also finally got him to name the new wee colt. His name is Tyr.

I’ve been working on completing / fixing a few garb projects before crown, although not really for Crown.

  • I’ve lengthened the sleeves on my new cote and added some gold trim
  • I’ve finished a hat to go with Nick’s houppelande
  • I’m relining my blue velvet cloak
  • I’m trying to fix a wee problem that happened while my garb was in storage.

Sad tale of lovely sleeves
I made these fancy slashed sleeves from some gorgeous silk damask, lined with silk satin and set each slash with gold (well brass) aglets. Sadly in storage the aglets were flattened against the silk of the sleeve and it must have been a bit damp and the aglets have corroded a bit and left verdigris on the sleeve !!!. Anyway I am wrapping tissue under each set, cleaning them and then lacquering the aglets before then trying to remove the verdigris with dry cleaning fluid. So far I ahve done one side of one sleeve, well not the cleaning, just the cleaning up the aglets. I do hope it comes right as working on them has just shown me again how lovely they are. So fingers crossed.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow and then three weeks until I’m off again for crown. At least its a short week. I’m really not good for much at the moment. While we’ve booked for the whole thing we might day trip depending on how things are going. It would only be two days as its not worth going out on the Thursday.

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