Day before

Well the Crown Tourney site at Waipara should have opened about 10 minutes ago. But we’re not on our way because we’ve decided not to camp. Last weekend it was a bit touch and go – I’ve had a bad few weeks and while I’ve had all week to rest ‘it’ sadly doesn’t work quite like that (although I am feeling better than at the beginning of the week). Things were going pretty well until Nick decided to take Kiwi harrowing on Monday. Harrowing the paddocks means towing an assemblage of steel chain etc around and around the paddock breaking up the poo so that it can naturally degrade into the soil. Around our place you are always walking on shit.

Anyway they’d pretty much done when Kiwi saw a hare – she took off after it and made it safely through the first fence (three wire fences so there’s a gap), at least so I am informed. But she didn’t do so well with the next fence. Nick brought her into me and she was feeling pretty sorry for herself but walking fairly OK but then we noticed that her right shoulder was very puffed up. Half an hour later she could barely move – she has ended up with a bruise that covers the inside of her right chest, down her front leg and right around the shoulder and has been on anti-inflammatories since then. She is a lot better now and walking normally but chased another hare this morning when out for toilet and we walked a bit far so her leg’s a bit puffed up again. But at least she’s not in pain.

Anyway the stress of that did little to improve things for me. But I have got few things done. I’ve finished relining my old blue velvet cloak so will have that for this weekend. I have finished a lucet band that I was working on – a two coloured version that is new. I’ve almost finished dry cleaning the silk sleeves that I mentioned a few weeks ago and they look like they’re going to be OK.

Kiwi’s new kennel is almost done – just needs another coat on the ceiling and two on the base. I’ve even done some prep for the peerage meetings that I have to go to. Right now I am baking an asparagus, bacon and gruyere tart and bread for lunches over the weekend. It will be an experience day-tripping, but I’d still rather camp for Canterbury Faire. Its just that the set-up really takes it out of me, and the pack down too but to a lesser extent.