Misty Saturday

So there’s not a lot to say today. I’m really posting to try out the new Flock browser that I’ve been testing – it has a built in blog editor and many other very cool features and I am really liking it.

Kiwi’s leg is much better and today we’re having a visit from the naked dog training lady. She’s going to give us some games / exercises to play to teach Kiwi a few commands. At the moment Kiwi will come when called only if there isn’t something more interesting going on so I need better control of her than that if we’re going to go to the off-leash dog park. Hopefully the weather will have improved by then because its raining mistily right now.

Our biggest piece of news is probably that one week after Kiwi hurt herself chasing a hare through a fence, did almost the same. He rushed through an electric tape fence and cut one of his hind legs up quite deeply. We have had many vet visits to clean and bandage the wound and lots of shots to fight off any infection. That was a Wednesday, so its been over a week and it is a lot better too.

Nick spent Monday and Tuesday of this week at a special riding clinic with a western riding specialist from the US and really enjoyed it. He rode Lovejoy, his mother’s horse. Lad’s a bit old to really learn any new tricks. I expect that its only a matter of time before Nick starts looking for a young horse to train – although maybe he’ll do that with Jack. I’m still not riding at all.

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