We got our Tivo last week and are just loving it. Its already changing the way we watch TV and we haven’t even hooked up the home networking side of things yet. If nothing else it has greatly improved the TV clarity even though Nick still has to add in the hi-def cable. We’ve recorded heaps of movies over the weekend and are getting lots of shows that are on at funny times. Its great just to be able to record anything that we might want to watch and have it waiting there for us when we have time or are in the mood to watch. You can even just start watching something ten minutes later than it started and be watching it while it is recording. And you can be recording different things on two channels while watching something on another channel or a DVD.

Nick also bought a new centre speaker and the sound quality is greatly enhanced – its really like going to the cinema.

Once we hook up the home networking bit we can watch/listen to stuff off our PC and save recorded shows to the hard drive. But first we have a bit of home PC maintenance to do. I need to do a big back-up and then Nigel at work has given me some software to tweak the hard drive partitioning.

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