Canterbury Faire again

Its hard to believe that its been 14 years since I followed up Mistress Madelein’s event Journey’s End with a camping event that I called Canterbury Faire although my math might be off because on the Southron Gaard site it says 1995 so that would be 15 years. We had around 135 people show up including some from the US and Australia. I remember being quite bummed when the following year the Christchurch City Council started a weekend market using the same name. Happily our camping event has been longer lived.

Anyway what i really meant to write was that this was one of the best camps I’ve been to for some years. I don’t know why. I was feeling quite unwell for the first few days but for some reason, while i felt tired, I never felt particularly stressed. It seemed like everyone did their part around camp and there was always someone to get dinner on. The equestrian went well although I didn’t feel well enough to ride still i watched and took some pictures. The camp got put up, and taken down fairly swiftly (all things considered).

The only real black spot was that because we chose to go out on the Sunday instead of the Saturday because of the late gate opening time (4:00 is really too late), we arrived to find that an entire other group had camped in the straight that we share with the green dragons, pushing them well back into the area we generally camp in. Castle Bois camp on the other side of us and so we were squeezed into too small an area. If Jenni hadn’t decided not to come this year and Lila not broken her foot and also was not camping there would have been no way that we would have fitted. Its a bit annoying as the extra group had made no effort to condense their camp and were well spread out.

Anyway, a busy week of work this week and I am feeling pretty tired still. Up to Wellington on Sunday for WebStock next week. Taking Monday off and just going to cruise around Welly and maybe shop a little.


  1. The lack of space up that side wasn't a result of the impromptu Ildhafn camp that set up down at the end near the Mong. Granted, it was disorganised and less compact than it could have been, but that's not why the Green Dragons ended up where they were – they were there *before* anyone started setting up at the end.

    I helped put up the tents closes to the GD site, and went over to ask how much more space we should leave them for the rest of their camp, only to be told that where they were was the final position. All their tents were up at that point. I think they were leaving room for the Northside camp or something.

    Given what's happened with the road being built through one of the traditional campsites and how badly the infill has buggered up the ground around there for tent pegs, combined with the bloody stupid pace the oven got put, the unfortunate reality is that the sites along that side are all going to have to get a bit more compact in the future.


  2. ..and we, in turn, were instructed, quite firmly, by the Autocrat that we had to scooch along further to allow room for the Ildhafn camp!

    I think the main problem was that Chateau Bois plonked where they were last year, and never recieved the move along instruction that we were given!

    Meh, all water under the bridge now. We'll just plonk ourselves back where we used to go again, since Ildhafn didn't use that space! šŸ™‚ Problem solved!

    I had a great fair. Full of plans for garb and camp gear for next year! Yay!


  3. Ahh, that makes some sense.

    That space wasn't originally left for Ildhafn, it was there for northside but the ground wasn't good enough to hold Iarnulf's big tent down and at the last minute we didn't bring our big tent. If we had that space would certainly have been used.

    I think next year is going to require some experimentation and negotiation with everyone along that side to figure out how to make everything fit.


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