Frantic Feburary

This is the first weekend in February that we actually get anything done. This is because the first two are taken up by Canterbury Faire, then there’s coming and going from Wellington for Webstock, so the month is almost gone before we have a relatively normal weekend. And even then I spent a good 2 1/2 hours doing ironing, largely of SCA garb.

However we’ve also got a lot done at home this weekend. Yesterday morning was very still (as it is right now) and blue and we could tell that it was going to be hot. But the conditions were perfect for doing the spraying that needed doing. We’re having the local contractor come in and do some earth works around the house and all the areas need to be sprayed. He’s going to flatten the northern side of the ‘lawn’ around the house ready for paving, then push our mounds of left-over dirt from the building and septic diggings to fill in some holes and also build up some areas off the drive. Also we really needed to spray the drive as it was getting well over grown in some areas. So in a fortnight we should be ready for the contractor to come in and things will be looking much tidier.

The other things that we’re up to is planting saffron. Rowley had a contact who had some corms (bulbs) to sell so we have bought 100. Nick has prepared a bed for them in the vege garden and they’ll get planted later today when he gets back with some bulb food to dig in. Were not doing that commercially, but should be able to be self-sufficient for paella.

Were doing a lot on construction in the next couple of months with both a barn and hopefully some fencing around the house to be done. I’ve just received the goldpine deals for march and they have a lot of timber on sale so that could be good timing.

And as always there’s plenty of cleaning to be done. Seems like a hundred flies die in our house every week but its been too hot to have doors and windows shut.