This is getting old

I’m sick again. Yes again again. For the last couple of months I keep having the odd couple of days where I feel increasingly ill and eventually vomit a few times. I’m feeling like that today. Headache too, a bit light sensitive. Am I beginning to get migraines?

Other that that its been a cruisy Easter. Nick has had two riding sessions with Ian Loader which I gather went well enough. Lad had been losing weight for much of March and we eventually gave him his own paddock where he wouldn’t be bothered by those mares giving him a hard time and running him off any decent food that appeared. He’s be gaining a bit of weight back and is starting to look better, although that is partially because he is putting on the winter fluff.

Anyway on Friday evening we both went over to Nick’s mum’s for dinner and to watch Ian and then Suzie ride Jack the Lad, our first foal, for almost the first time. He’d been briefly ridden on Thursday too. All went pretty well. Ian had him backing, side-passing and even did a  couple of pivots. Of course there were also a couple of times where it looked like they were going to fall over. However Jack coped pretty well. You could practically see him thinking about it and working out what was being asked for. He’s just lovely.

On Saturday Bob came over and helped us with a bit of the paving for aorund the house. They got about 10 m2 done which is about a 10th of it. Yesterday was mucky so we just sat around and read and I blasted through doing the decorative stitching on a doublet sleeve. I should look at putting it together today but am really feeling to blah for it. Anyway I’m poking Nick to do some paving, with my help, later after lunch. He is currently riding Lad, no doubt practising the latest set of exercises. Nick bought some cones a few weeks ago and I think that that is helping.