Less is more

Well I’ve just bought my baby mattress protector, I have brand new Space Invaders pyjamas from Farmers and a good stack of movies recorded on the Tivo – I’m ready to go.

On Thursday I’m having breast reduction by tumescent liposuction. I’ve wanted a breast reduction for a long time but over the last couple of years they’ve gotten bigger and I’ve been having more back and neck trouble and also over the past few months migraines. Anyway the nerve pinch in Wellington was the last straw – plus dress fitting issues and a reasonable chunk of tax back for the previous year and I went in and discussed it with my GP. She was happy to refer me and over the last few weeks I’ve been having blood tests, a mammogram and several letters back and forward from Southern Cross and I’m all sorted.

I’ll be off work for a couple of days (Thursday, Friday) and then there’s the weekend and I am hoping to be back at work on Monday. The great thing about this procedure is that its far less invasive than traditional breast reduction – its done under local anesthetic not general (I’m planning to download an audiobook from Overdrive), so you recover quicker, also because they just make tiny incisions there’s less chance of scarring, loss of feeling etc. All Good!

Nick is just such a sweety and being very supportive and is taking both days off so that he can look after me which is great because I have to go in on Friday too. I am hoping that my CFS doesn’t react too badly to the stress. I might feel a bit crappy next week.

wish me luck 🙂


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