Up in the air, down in the dumps

Its been a bumpy ride for the last month. I strongly suspect that I get SAD when winter finally kicks in and today I really seem to have very little energy for anything. Although I did take Kiwi out on a 40 minute walk in her new harness. The harnesses are an alternative to the collar as greyhounds’ necks / heads are just one big funnel there is nothing to keep a collar on and if she bounces while facing me (a favourite trick when a dog is spotted) the collar can simply slide off. The harness is also a good thing to have as a seat belt can be slid through if she needs to go in a car.

However a couple of good things have occured in the last month. A fortnight ago I took my free helicopter flight with a bit of fly-yourself. I can’t say that I was at my best for it but I wasn’t too bad. It was quite challenging keeping it straight and that’s probably what I enjoyed. It was really fun. Also it was probably the nicest day in the entire month so I got very lucky with the weather.

Also we have had the new haybarn built, finished last week, so that is that last of the really big expenditures (I hope), for some time anyway. Once Nick gets it all sorted it will house the hay (obviously), the horse float and a variety of other things so we should be able to clear out and sell the container. It will be a releif to have it off the property although we still have Richard’s one here.

In some type of celebration we went out and finally ordered the new lounge suite for the theatre room from Hunter furntiure. A four seater couch with leather body and seat cushions and it comes with 7 fabric cushions and also two matching ottomans. We haven’t got a final price but we’d been planning this for almost a year so are well prepared. That will free up the current couch in there to return to being the spare bed as its actually a fold-out bed.

There’s also been new boots for me (Columbia tramping boots) and for Nick (special Muckboots), so its been a big spend month. But you get that.

Oh yes, my breasts are looking good. Still a bit sore if I run and quite a few lumps and bumps but a huge improvement. Occasionally I get pinching or poking sensations in them and I presume that this is simply tissue being renewed or whatever. Its been about 6 weeks so in another 6-7 weeks I have a final check-up.

Finally, Nick, Bob and I are looking forward to going to coronation in Ildhavn (Auckland) in July and in a couple of weeks I am in Wellington for 3 days at another couple of webstock workshops. I’m staying in a hotel because Joan will be away but we’re hoping to catch up for dinner on the last night. Anyway I am trying to get heaps of rest so that I am up to it all by then.