Landed in welly again

Well, i’m here in wellington again, staying at the Duxton in a fairly decent room with a bath which is nice, using their wifi, doing my email etc and also my nails. I’m up just for a couple of days for two webstock ‘masterclass’ sessions, tomorrow’s on WCAG2 and Thursday on CSS. Its nice to have a couple of days away from the madness of work to focus on stuff which we’ll be able to put to good use pretty much straight away. Richard is here too but just for one day, a session on content strategy. Anyway, that’s work and I do try not to write about work much.

Came up in a Jetstar airbus and it was a very smooth flight, and comfortable. We got the seats on the wing where the emergency exit was which means more leg room but also you have special instructions. Which is kind of cool. I didn’t feel that the threesome in front of us looked like they were going to be very responsible about checking for smoke & fire and generally following instruction.

My new threadless hoodie was in the letterbox so I grabbed that to wear. Its very nice and soft and the picture is cool. I have brought way to much clothes. Richard had one backpack and I had half filled a good sized bag. But I am here for three nights not just one so I had to bring my slippers as I have regretted not doing so in the past.

Also I am hoping to have dinner with Joan I on Thursday evening if she can squeeze it in. Often when I’m here I stay with her but she’s away for some of this week so staying near town seemed my best bet.