Making it in the SCA

So last weekend was Southron Gaard Collegium and I was teaching two sessions on Burgundian costume, one for men and one for women. I spent the last few weeks building on my previous research and its been fun reviewing old sources and finding some new ones. Its cost a bit because work no longer lets us interloan stuff for free so as our costume resources are not the best I had to interloan pretty much everything. I’ll be putting PDFs of the slide show up on the website when I get a free moment.

It was a good little collegium with at one point four different streams of classes. I would prefer fewer streams over two days but mainly because I am interested in everything and hate missing sessions I’d enjoy. Its hard enough having to choose between two! Anyway I hope that everyone enjoyed it and that these become an annual event again. One late winter nicely balances classes available in February’s Canterbury Faire I think.

Anyway the only drawback is that while I was doing all the research I haven’t had the chance yet to start on my next project which is the Dutch Cloak to go with my suit for riding. I have all-but completed the doublet – I need to buy some reels of silk to make the buttons up with. But I am considering entering the cloak into the Lochac A&S competition in May so I have to get moving.

Other projects on my mind are some new shoes – my older pair of poulaines have finally come apart. Also we just bought a whole heap of leather as Christchurch’s only REAL leather store is going out of business. But I have enough upper and sole leather now to last a good long while.

In other SCA-related news I have just found out that the good scribes of Caid have made me a Pelican scroll. It will be my one and only proper scroll and I am very excited about it.