A little late

Whew, I meant to write this ages ago but I have been real busy and then not terribly well again. Anyway post-earthquake, not that they have actually finished, but we’re mostly ok. The house has a few cracks, some bigger than others, and Nick is enjoying going around and pointing them out to me. We’re still accumulating breakages as we find damage to things we missed before such as the tall speakers. But compared to some we’re pretty good. Of most urgency to me is getting the wardrobe fixed because all our clothes are stacked in odd places and spread over the spare bed.

Last Thursday lightning had a wee filly. She arrived at about quarter to seven in the morning and so I am calling her Dawn and Nick has yet to come up with anything else/better so Dawn it is, for now anyway. She is very cute, running alongside her mum on her stilt like legs. Other horsey news is that lil is also pregnant and probably due in January. Zoe will be off to nicks mum, maybe this weekend and suzie is going to bring her back into work and get her a bit fit for me. I had thought that she and I could get fit together but have been over-ruled. Anyway the plan is for me to ride here throughout summer and take her to Canterbury faire. If all works out we will then decide whether to keep her in work or find me an other horse.

Beginning to look forward to Canterbury faire and plan. We’re a larger group than in other years but nick’s looking into hiring a trailer fridge so that we don’t have issues with food going off and that will make life easier, but the whole event more expensive. Also, depending on webstock timing it looks likely that I or we will be able to go to harcourt park tournament next year which would be super cool. Also I have been hanging out on the SCA community web site recently which has been fun too.