Ouch again

I can’t get over it being November already, where has the year gone. I’m busy updating my wish lists and generally doing whatever useful operations can be performed from an easy chair as I have sprung my back again. I say my back but it’s actually located a bit to the right of my spine so it’s not a spine thing. After the previous two go-arounds with physiotherapists I’m not going to bother this time.

I think actually that it’s tendon/ligaments related, a bit like my dog kiwi and horse lil. I can feel a thick lumpy bit about 6-7cm to the right of my lower spine and my hip appears to be sitting about an inch higher on the right than left. It’s been super painful and I’ve been getting by with hot wheat bags and the last of the codeine from my breast reduction. However this aft noon it has improved a little so at least I am on the right road.

The real bugger was that I had two events to go to last weekend and ended up not going to either. I had already realized that I wasn’t going to be able to get to Joan Isaac’s 70th birthday but I had been going to my friend lila’s book launch. It’s her first book and set in Christchurch and a huge deal to get it published and everything so i was really disappointed not to be able to be there.

Zoe is coming back today. Suzie says she’s decided that she is a retired horse and was being quite obstreperous. So no horsey for me, not that I could ride. Nick says I can ride lad but it’s not quite that straight forward. I guess that it will have to do. Crazy, I’m surrounded by horses but don’t have one to ride.

We are on baby watch for Lil at the moment. Nick thought she was imminent on the weekend but then nothing. I think she’s waiting for us both to be away. Like last year when Zoe waited until I went on a walk to have Tyr.

Is anyone interested in a lovely greyhound friend? The lady who gave us Kiwi has a litter that is not proving to be successful at racing. Nick spoke to her but I got the impression that they hadn’t raced yet, were still in training. Anyway if you would like to find out more give us a call and we’ll put you in touch.