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Just a quick note to say i am very busy at the moment. My back is mostly right and my walks with kiwi are back on schedule, although they are just walks now – I don’t feel up to jogging at all. As of next week I will be doing four day working weeks as Nick and I are both taking all the Fridays in December off work. It will enable us to get some good work done around the house and I am hoping that we will see some more progress on the paving before Christmas.

Planning for Canterbury Faire has begun and our encampment has swelled with new people although nothing compared to how our neighbours the Green Dragons’ has as they are expecting 20 and we’re closer to 12. This coming will be a very SCA weekend with a String Day on the Saturday and an equestrian practice at our place on Sunday. I am hoping to get my table loom set up on Saturday but as I still don’t know what I’m going to make maybe it won’t happen.

I am still not riding. Zoe was declared unfit and I don’t really have any alternative other than Lad. Nick has started working with Twilight and says that he is a completely different fella from last year’s Mr Bitey. He’s taking to everything very well and may well be a keeper as he’s not registered. Nick still hasn’t named our new colt but says it will be something Norse like his brother Tyr – suggestions welcome.