And 199, and…

I just noticed that this is post 199. That’s that only reason for the title. I will try to make number 200 the Christmas edition.

Anyway I was have an odd wee think this afternoon. I was re-gluing the last batch of slides as they had separated out and the film had moved in them so if I was going to scan them I needed to get them back together. When I started this ‘project’ of scanning the slides I didn’t really plan it at all. I just took the first box that came to hand and called that box one, then the next was box two. Because of that they aren’t in any kind of order.

So, anyway, this last box, box 21, turned out to have been taken at Rose St in Melbourne. This is where we lived while dad, Johnny, was in hospital. There are a few of him looking pretty thin (I’ve only looked at the slides by holding them up so details are missing) but the bulk of the photos are of me at Melbourne zoo. Joan Isaac and Frank? are there also in a couple. I guess I thought it a bit odd that there weren’t more of him.

Maybe I’m just feeling melancholic. Last week was pretty rough, I really needed the extra day’s weekend as I am sore and fatigued. Even the sore throat is back and that is always a sign of fatigue with me. I can’t sew at the moment because my right arm is really sore and I have a big lump on my wrist, a ganglion cyst apparently. It doesn’t hurt but if I do a bit much with the arm the fingers start to tingle. Like going so I had better stop now.