200 – 2010 in review

So here I am at post 200, after, what – six years. That’s not a great average but anyway, here is my Christmas letter:

Dear Friends that I won’t see at Christmas. I am forty two today which as we all know is a very auspicious number. Only it doesn’t feel terribly auspicious. In fact I am struggling to find words to sum up this year. It was a bit up and down, both (mostly) figuratively but also of course literally.

Our first foal, Jack the Lad, had his first backing (riding) early this year and has been progressing well and I am told receiving good comments from people which is great. Nick has just ridden his half brother Twilight Escapade for the first time yesterday – just across the paddock, no need to push him at this stage, but all went well.

Kiwi of course is a marvel and fills my heart with joy even when I’m just looking at her picture on my monitor at work. She is getting better and better about not chasing things on our walks but will still run after hares if she can at home. We had a very good dog park outing the other week and hope for more in the future.

In other horsey news my mare Lil safely gave birth to a wee colt (boy) that Nick has dubbed Hrothgar. It was her first and she was quite old for having her first so there could have been complications but all went well.

I was actually well enough mid-winter to travel to Auckland for an SCA event and it all went pretty well. I always seem to get a bit tired towards the end of winter and am investigating whether I’m getting a bit of seasonal affective disorder. ME is one of those ‘gateway’ conditions and its very common to develop other issues such as food and chemical intolerances which is one reason why I’ve been switching to more and more organic products.

My big personal project for the year was scanning a box of slides of old photos. There were 21 boxes of slides and they spanned a range of years from a couple before my birth to when Lu and Kate were still fairly small. They are on my flickr site but only for friends and family so if you want to see them make a (free) account and friend me. I’ll be making CDs of the jpgs for those who appear in them but haven’t quite got to that yet.

On the negative list is of course earthquakes and still being unwell. I keep reading and am formulating a plan for detoxing next year which is supposed to help but I feel very alone in my struggle to keep up even a minimal activity level

We finally received a letter from EQC yesterday saying that they hoped to have all the contents damage paid out by today. HUH?! Our claim has just jumped as our damaged cylinder obviously couldn’t tolerate the additional pressure from the heat and has pretty much destroyed our hall cupboard from water damage. Nick’s cousin Matt came out in the afternoon and did some emergency repair work so it has stopped leaking but there’s significant damage so it will have to go on the list.

Anyway, that was my year. Like many Cantabrians I am hoping that we’ll get the house fixed before winter but given the low level of our damage compared to many I am doubtful. Hoping for a better year in 2011.