post faire post

So I am in that in-between week between Canterbury faire (fab, hot, exhausting) and WebStock (fab, windy, exhausting).

I don’t know if it was over-indulgence in rich food and alcohol, the continuing stress of aftershocks, or just the extra activity but shortly after Christmas I crashed badly. I did get back to work in January but had several days off or shortened with sick leave. Which is a major pain because there are several major work projects which have been effectively held back because of it. Also another which I am supposed to be contributing too which I feel that I have not been able to pull my weight on. And for those who know me I hate feeling that I am not pulling my weight.

However it allowed me to get on with some excellent reading. I’m reading Lila Richard’s book A different hunger and really enjoying it and i am not just saying that because she is a friend. Its not a genre that I have read much of – really only Anne Rice’s first half dozen vampire books – so I don’t have a lot to compare too but the writing is good and the story is really flowing well. I also read another ME/CFS book over the holidays – Beating Chronic Fatigue and I have determined to try the treatments recommended. I need to get it out again from the library so that I can take it to my doctor… I should probably just buy a copy.

Also for Christmas Nick got me two fantastic books – one about Duke Charles the Bold and the other the London finds book for Horse Equipment AND just before Christmas I bought myself the dutch shoes book. So lots of great reading/pictures to ooh over.
 If you go to my librarything you’ll see that there are heaps of new books in fact which is just as well as sitting reading is about all I am good for at the moment.

Sigurd's new surcoatWell that’s not completely true. I can sew. Actually I’ve been working on a new surcoat for Sigurd. its beautiful Italian wool, well fulled so its almost felt. Unfortunately I failed to check its colour-fastness and it isn’t. This meant that I have had to make the whole thing in such a way that all the red bits can be separated from the white bits for cleaning. So all the boars are made like patches, with gold outlines and they are tacked on. i am also going to make a collar which will protect the surcoat from the camail as most of the dirt on the surcoat is from rust from the maille, not actually from the combat itself. I just got it finished for the Gods & Monsters Pas at Canterbury Faire but Sigurd had hurt his hand so didn’t fight. So it hasn’t been ‘tested’ yet. But it does look great.

Which brings me to Faire. Faire was great, but I was feeling like crap most of the time which was a shame, so I missed a lot of it. I did manage to bake every day for the first half, two loaves at a time on the BBQ. Then I took Thursday off and got a bit dressed up and went to some classes, Pelican meeting and some other things. I discovered that my laurel cotte is very comfortable and am going to start a wool one for winter as soon as another project is complete. I also discovered that my first red kirtle is way too big and am going to take the bodice apart and re-make it as too big is actually uncomfotable for me as there is insufficient support.

Heorot campsiteWe had a great campsite, having doubled our usual size by the addition of Sigurd’s two squires Ulrikr and Essylt and Angel from Darton, also Ratbod who is now squired to Gabriel, and (although they were bunkrooming) TRMs Gabriel & Constanzia and Countess Leonore with whom I seemed to get on with really well as we have lots of common interests. As well we had Callum, Sinech and Richard as usual. We are already planning for next year with the intention of having monthly local get-togethers to make things. I want a sink. This year’s novelty was a round table which was just big enough for the 12 of us.

 The highlights of the event for me were:

  • Alexandra being made a Baroness with my coronet. We’ve been best buds since primary school so this was just so great. Good thing I didn’t have to say anything during the ceremony as there would have been tears.
  • The ‘scroll’ Callum made for Sigud’s knighting – its a carved piece of wood, similar in style to a norse stone carving. Lochac scribe says its OK to be the official ‘scroll’ and can have seals set in if we can find a way to do it. I will try to remember to get a photo.

Whew – well that’s enough for now i think. I really shouldn’t leave it so long between posts. I will try to post weekly this year and make them smaller.