Avoidance issues

So I have been avoiding blogging after February’s earthquake because I don’t know what to say. It more or less missed us – I think some of our gaps widened a little and there’s a bit more mortar on the ground but that’s about it. So its hard to contemplate what it has been like for many of the citizens of Christchurch. And I have little to say when my friends all talk about moving to Auckland, or Hamilton or just somewhere because we’re not going to move, but at the same time I can’t blame them. For some its been hard enough to get work down here and if you’re not tied to mortgages and livestock why not move out, even if temporarily.

Anyway now that I am stuck at home semi-permanently I’ve been getting a bit more stuff done – you easily forget that you lose an hour a day driving in and out of town. I am still working at home, but now its every day as work is unlikely to reopen for some time. I may spend half a day here and there at other libraries as they open – going down to South Library tomorrow for a team meeting.

Nick and I finally took down the very messed up wardrobe fittings on the weekend. Some of its fine, and some is probably fixable but some will need replacement. I have been working on my green French gown which I had long ago decided to re-line the skirt with some satin rather than the very lightweight lining it originally had. It was too light and the trains a little dirty due to flipping over. A heavier lining and some guards on the inside should take care of that. I’ve also made good progress on my dutch cloak, although I’m no longer really aiming at sending it to Kingdom A&S. Simply too much bother, although if it is done in time I may do so, if I can find a guardian for it.

Twilight Escapade is coming along really nicely under Nick’s tutelage and he (Nick) is beginning to talk about teaching Twilight to load onto the horse float so that he can go to lessons with Ian when he (Ian) comes down. Soon it will be Tyr’s turn to learn about lunging and driving – the ground work Nick does before they’re old enough to be ridden. Nick is back at work and has been for the last two weeks already. His work is in the green zone area of the CBD and was not too badly damaged.

Anyhoo that’s the highlights. We’re trucking on but its all a bit depressing really.