SCA participation up

In the last few months my SCA participation has been slowly increasing. I am spending more time at home doing projects and have under-taken a few service activities including applying for an officer position, to be confirmed soon I hope.

Arts Projects
My Boy’s suit for riding is progressing slowly. Slowly partly because I lack a lot of time for doing work on it, also because I am sort of making decisions about each step as I go. This seems to be my S.O.P. at the moment and I suspect that it is because my fuzzy-M.E.-brain can’t handle working out the whole thing in advance. Anyway the doublet and trunkhose are done and the cloak is about two thirds finished. I just need to add the sleeves which are all ready to go and line it. I am held up a little due to a lack of lining fabric and with some of my favourite fabric shops closed this could hold it up for a while. I had hoped to enter it in the Lochac arts competition which had cloaks as a category for Rowany festival but have missed that deadline.

The next piece of the suit that I intend to make is an embroidered shirt. I have started thinking about the cutting layout and what I am embroidering where. The collar and cuffs will have the ‘sad jesters at fence’ design because I think that its very sweet and I have decided to use various sprigs, animals and what-not over the bodice and sleeves but usually these also had some long repeating design in between them running down the length of the piece and I haven’t decided what to use there yet. I have the linen so if time is available I might cut that out this weekend.

My final sewing project is re-lining the skirt of my green silk French gown and adding woolen guards. This is proving tricky to get everything laying flat and I think that I need to sew the skirt to the gown and then set the guards and lining with it on my dress-maker’s dummy and farthingale to ensure it lays flat.

In addition I have finally got the spinning wheel that I bought from Rob up and running and have started doing some spinning. Really just to get back into it again so what I’m doing is a bit rough for now. I am enjoying it though and its working well to do some while listening to an audiobook when Nick is making dinner.

Finally I have bristles and code and am about to start making shoes again. First of all to repair my 8th century shoes because they are quite good. Then to start to replace my old 15th century turnshoes. Eventually I would like to get up to making lasted 16th century shoes – maybe next year.

So with work and all that I am actually pretty busy and actually having fun making things again. Its great to have that.