Horse update

We had a bit of a big weekend last weekend. Nick took the Friday off work to supervise the removal of our container. We had bought the container very early as a place to store stuff and feed and it had continued to serve that purpose as we built first Nick’s workshop, then the house, then the hayshed. We had both agreed that it would leave one day and while we’d had a couple of folks interested there hadn’t been any urgency. But Nick’s friend Al who owns the Budget Tools shop was moving and so it one off to his place. Removing it also meant that the yards next to it had to be pulled out so now there’s just a naked area next to the workshop.

But the big bit of progress over the weekend was that Twilight went on his first ever outing, to a western riding training day. He had been on the float before but never with it moving. On Friday Nick drove him (and aunty Zoe) around the block, but the trip to the Mandeville arena is about 45 minutes from our place, so quite a considerable distance. Anyway apparently he handled it very well and also went pretty well at the training. Its great, he is almost self-loading onto the float already. Anyway that’s another milestone and indicative that Nick’s training of him is progressing nicely.

The previous weekend (Easter) Nick had weaned Dawn and Hrothgar, putting them in the stock-yards for the week. That allows us to get close to them and hand feed them so that they get used to being around people. Dawn has a bit of her mum’s distrust but Hrothgar has none of that so he is quite happy to come up and take grass out of your hand. Dawn is beginning to, but would rather take it from Hrothgar’s mouth. Anyway after a week they have now been integrated with Tyr so we have the three unbroken young horses together.