Home Improvements

Well we saw the guys from Fletchers the other week and over the past couple of weeks have had visits from the timber floors guy and bricklayer who had to scope their special work. So I’m hoping that sometime in the next couple of weeks they’ll come back with a schedule and we’ll get some kind of idea what will be happening when. Which reminds me that I need to check our insurance to see if we have any cover for having to be out of the house while they work.

Sort of sounds like an excuse for a holiday except that Nick is ever-reluctant to leave the horses for more than a day and of course we’d have to find somewhere for kiwi to stay also which is less likely to be covered in the insurance. I rather fancy a few days staying somewhere posh like the Hermitage as I’m feeling quite unwell at the moment and could use some decadence.

In addition Nick and Ollie have been making excellent progress on the paving. Well actually they only had one day at it but have made a great start, completing about twice what Nick and Bob had done. I thought that Nick was making some fancy tool but it seems to be a fairly long section of square pipe that they are using to squeegee the sand away. Anyway for once I feel good that progress is being made and if we keep getting weekends like the last few we might actually have an outside area by spring.

We are also waiting to hear from our land-mover man Mark who is going to finish the drive for us and make Nick an area, to the south of the house, by the shed. Now that the container has gone there’s a good space there and it will probably be 20x30m. We looked at a few areas but that has the advantage of being very close to the house and already pretty flat so it shouldn’t require too much digger work. Also being close to the house if we want to we could put night lights on it fairly easily.

With the paving progressing well I have also started thinking about what I want for that area outside the bedroom windows to the north of the house. I just bought a load of Compleat Anachronist booklets including the Medieval Gardens one and my design is going to borrow quite a lot from the medieval garden including the ubiquitous turf bench. Around the south side of the house I am going to plant my native ‘bush’ with a curving path that leads to a glade with pond and seat. So far I have one kowhai planted that Joan Isaac gave me from her garden. But now at least I have a plan.