A costly week

Well it’s been a bit of a week of spending. I just bought a lovely full length lace gown with a deep red satin underdress from The Carpenters Daughter in Lincoln. They have moved there from Christchurch as their building there was in the red zone. It’s been a while since I had a new dress and this one will be fun to wear. The skirt flares out at the base and it’s beautifully swishy.

But the big spending has been this morning. You might recall that we have the worst luck with fridges, and when we moved in to this house the fridge freezer that we bought was so noisy that Nick fought with the place we’d bought it from for six months until they agreed to take it back. Anyway, having just killed our two steers, we’re a bit short on freezer space and so Nick started looking at fridge/freezers again and we settled on a Mitsubishi model that is quite large and supposedly very quiet.

The only place in town that could sell us one was the Smiths City out Northwood and we went out there this morning and bought it, and also an entertainment centre so that we can finally get the amp, DVD, TiVo and video player off the floor. It should all arrive on Thursday afternoon.

Also we have three more pallets of lavers ordered as Nick and Olly have just finished laying all the ones we had. The paving now extends up to the narrowest area, by the big window and they are pulling up a square hole in it for me to plant a magnolia into. Once they got a method working it seems to go pretty quickly.