Half way gone

So I am half way through my diary-free, gluten-free diet month and while the food itself has been fine, last week was the worst I have had in a very long time.

The first week was fine. I made my normal muesli except with puffed quinoa instead of oats and the usual array of nuts. I had soy or rice milk in my morning mocha and used straight dutched cocoa instead of cutting it with drinking chocolate as I usually would. In fact I’ve been more or less been able to eat as usual, just making a few changes like making mashed potatoes with olive oil and rice milk. OK I won’t pretend that its as nice, but its OK. Nick has been great, finding me dairy free ‘ice cream’ and gluten free pita bread and its pushed me to make my own felafel as I have been intending to do for ages.

The first weekend rolled in and I was OK on Saturday but started feeling a bit crap on Sunday. Then Monday and I felt really dizzy all day – managed to walk Kiwi but I had to concentrate hard. I knew that I was going to lose some work time on Friday as I had an appointment with my natural therapist so I even did another hour of work – I planned to do a bit extra every day to cover myself for Friday – HAH!. Tuesday and I was so sore and dizzy I didn’t get lunch until 2:00 because I didn’t want to get off the couch. Wednesday and Thursday were marginally better, I did a few hours work (at home of course) each day – doing an hour or so, then having a good break, then hitting it again. A question on a LiveJournal CFS/ME group confirmed my suspicion that it was a reaction to the diet, or as one person said my body was cleansing itself of the toxins. Anyway I’m still a bit dizzy today (Monday) but worlds better than last week so hopefully it will be plain sailing from here until the end of the month.

On the question of dairy vs gluten I’m currently hoping that it will be the gluten which is a problem and that I’ll be able to go back to having some dairy as I am missing cheese. Also there seems to be plenty of substitutes for wheat / barley etc that work quite well whereas I am not so much a fan of the soy / rice milk. I should probably also note that I am not treating it like I’m terribly allergic e.g. I’m not worrying about things that are packed in factories that also pack gluten/dairy things or things that may contain traces of etc.