Eating naturally

Its funny but some people have been taking it like its a foregone conclusion that I would turn up dairy and/or gluten intolerant after my month-long abstinence test. But I don’t think so. Certainly bringing dairy back in didn’t appear to result in any deterioration. The gluten is more difficult to judge as its complicated by a couple of other issues but if it has had an impact its been minor. Also some of the non-gluten options I’d been taking were actually very yummy so I am sticking with them. I did have a bagel for lunch today (Wednesday) but that’s actually the first gluteny thing I’ve had since pancakes on Sunday. Maybe when I’m feeling a bit better I’ll give it another go.

So that’s the good news, the bad is that I’ve been in a nose-dive for several weeks. Which makes me wonder if just messing around with my diet is in itself the issue. Or it could be all the driving I’ve been forced to do as a result of my team taking up office in Linwood, which is a 45minute drive each way for me. I haven’t been in since last Wednesday, so a week ago, and have been logging half-days and even full sick days.

We are almost done with earthquake repairs – they have completely re-bricked the house, done loads of painting and re-painting and relaid the bit of timber floor that was damaged. I’m really happy, and very thankful to have it almost done with and have the house back how it was.