Repairs sorted

So we’ve finally signed off on our EQC repairs which is great, but the process leaves me with some serious concerns for the future. There were many items that required doing more than once. Some were just stupid mistakes or poor planning but other things were just covered up rather than properly repaired – one little aftershock up the road and the cracks showed again. I should clarify, I’m not concerned about our place, but its only OK because we got quite involved in overseeing the repairs so what about people who aren’t able to do that?

Other than that we’re mostly good. Nick and Oli have been making huge progress around the place – the paving is almost done, just the odd shaped pieces that had to be cut are still to lay, and lot more trees planted. The fruit trees that had been a bit sad down by the pump shed are really coming away, thanks to last year’s watering I think, and the newer ones by the house are doing well too. None of them are productive yet, although we might get something this year if we buy and use some bird netting.

Work is OK, rumour is that we’ll be moving into a central city location in November which will relieve me of the driving that I’ve been doing for the past couple of months. That will be good as there are days when I get home quite shattered. I’m still working from home two days a week so that helps.

Currently looking forward to:

  • SCA demo this weekend at Ellesmere show,
  • Halloween party,
  • SCA events in general,
  • WebStock 2012 (I’m lead to believe that there will be funding for me to attend again).