Happy Halloween

Well our Halloween party went off without a hitch although we’d massively over-catered with plenty of food that ever made it out of the pantry. It was mostly SCA friends although Dad and Becky came and had dinner then left early-ish . Everyone left somewhere between 1:30 and 2:00 and we fell into bed although first I had to wash off a lot of black paint. t was quite odd as it dried entirely and then became flaky. Here’s pictures of me, Dad and Becky. Nick copped out but as he did heaps of cooking and sorting out of outside things that’s OK. I went as Hel.

 Our new SCA pavilion has arrived but we haven’t had time to unpack it yet. I am looking forward to having something a bit smaller for tourneys etc and somewhere that’s ours down by the field at Canterbury Faire. Its OK sitting under the big pavillion but you can’t leave anything there and there’s often so much armour and other stuff left lying about its hard to move around. Anyway my plan is to paint our arms on it and the Heorot badge, well its more a symbol really – a bit like a red asterix.

So all in all I’m better than I have been for a while. Actually not feeling so great but I seem to be able to do a fair bit without ‘falling over’. Which is just as well as I have been up to a lot. As well as last weekend’s party I am running a daytime event for Christmas revel, have just completed a feather fan for the Realm of Venus Idle Hands Challenge and am also working on a new red wool cote which I have been hand sewing (just the outer layer). Its going to have smart gold buttons up the sleeves but as its for an under gown mostly I’ll have it lace up the front.