Tooth fairy time

I had my first season at the dentist on Friday, having my old amalgam fillings replaced with ceramics. This is not about how they look but is another hopeful attempt to do something about my M.E. Heavy metal toxicity ( or something) associated with amalgam fillings has been pointed at by several of the books that I’ve read and was even something that my pretty traditional doctor, alternative sacro- cranial therapist and long term dentist all agreed on. So even though it’s going to be expensive I’ve got to give it a go.

I was supposed to endure four sessions fortnights apart but because of having to shift my appointments around because of post- earthquake renovations I have actually ended up with hour long appointments each Friday this month. As nick likes to take Fridays in December off anyway, and doing it on Friday gives me the weekend to recover in, it’s actually worked out pretty well. I’ll also have one about mid January.

The hour actually went pretty quickly. Tony had to give me several local anasthetic injections but that’s partly because he has a no pain philosophy so if I twitched even a little he’d add a bit more. Nick picked me up afterwards which was really necessary though because I was pretty shattered and would probably have had a good wee snooze if I hadn’t been hosting Southron Gaard’s Christmas revel at our place the next day. Tony also said that these three were the worst ones so hopefully next weeks lot won’t be so bad.