Down time

Over did it a bit yesterday. Largely because I got a bit turned around and lost track of time. I started out with an hour of acupuncture which I am having weekly to help with the ME. I have found it effective in the past but it will take a few sessions to kick in so I am going every week, to a place across from Riccarton mall.

I tried to get to the mall but the roads were clogged so I went right around and ended up at Haralds’ new place where I found some lovely wool to make my new Dutch kirtle out of, and some vey fine linen but they only had a metre of that which is OK, it’s not for anything specific. I just like to know that I can decide to make something and go to the cupboard and find some suitable fabric. Also good fine white linen is a buy it when you see it item. I’m quite excited because I have been planning a Dutch outfit c1565 for a while but hadn’t been able to find any nice black cloth for the kirtle that I could afford. It still wasnt what you’d call cheap, at $35, but still better than a very similar cloth at fabric vision for twice that. Anyway now I can start that outfit.

But I still had to get some cash out for nick so back to the mall I went. That’s where things began to go wrong. All the people and noise really confused me and I ended up wandering about for a couple of hours, totally forgetting all the other things I was supposed to do. Also realized that I hadn’t had anything to drink since my morning mocha so I was probably pretty dehydrated. I need a “mall kit” for days that I have to go to one alone. And I should have taken my new stick because I stated to get very dizzy, also it’s a useful signifier of ‘person not entirely stable’ in crowded places.