The die is cast

So its official, Nick and I are going to Great Northern War in June. Tickets are booked and house/horse/dog-sitter is arranged (thanks Bob:). Nick has promised to be super-supportive because its a twist on the original arrangement whereby he could go to war if he then took me to mid-winter coronation in Adelaide. As I should have expected his selective hearing kicked in and he decided that I was going to coronation by myself. I don’t really know why he would think that I would be up to that when going out to dinner by myself one Friday night laid me out for a week.

Anyway at least we’re going somewhere warm!

Kiwi at Southron Gaard Anniversary

Anyway I am making no activity plans and intend to toddle about taking photos. I am planning to take both the week before we leave (its a short week with the Queen’s Birthday holiday on the Monday) and the week following off work. Our homecoming flight gets in at half past eleven at night and I expect I will require several days rest after the whole deal.

Last SCA event was Baronial Anniversary which was great despite miserable weather and I as able to bring Kiwi (see photo right). I wore my new cote but as it was quite cold I had my old houppelande over it most of the time.

I’m pretty pleased with the cote although the cotton I sewed it with has not proven equal to the task of containing my bulk and I have had to replace a seam. I am very pleased with how the card woven edgings came up however. I had hoped to get nick to take a photo of me in it but will have to wait. Actually it would be nice to wait until I have suitable headgear so that I have the whole look. As I am now embarking on brocaded tablet woven garters and fixing my shoes for war its going to be a while.