Monday links round-up

I’ve been pretty sick over the past week so haven’t been up to much – not even tapping away at the computer. Anyway here’s a few of the links that have crossed my path over the last week:

Dragon wing tents has some great articles on period tents and the painting thereof. They suggest the use of Jacquard Textile Colors fixative to make iron-fix paint fix without ironing.

Manuscripts and Princes in Medieval and Renaissance Europe an online exhibition of manuscripts from the European Library.
National Trust Collections (UK) online catalogue of all sorts of goodies held in National Trust heritage buildings across the UK.
“A small side-trip into Basque” at Jessamyn’s Closet plus other Spanish stuff including the parti-coloured diagonal plaid cotehardie, one of which is on my to-do list (I have found two Italian plaid cotes as well).
A&S sites from Euriol of Lothian – a collection of links