New car time

I’ve done pretty well out of my cars. Apart from the mini that I bought from Kate and Nick took apart, never to be put back together again, I’ve only had two cars, the Mitsi Sigma wagon that I bought ex-Hindins fleet which I drove until it died, and the MR2 that I currently have. I have to admit that I love my little sports car. After driving a station wagon for ten or so years it was great to have a wee, grunty, nippy car. I could park it practically anywhere, it was very responsive and I liked the control that I felt that I had.

However after moving to the country, or rather, having added a canine to the family, its proved a little less practical. I can do a decent grocery shop with it, I’ve even gotten my full set of armour into it, but I can’t take Kiwi to the vet if I needed to in an emergency and NIck wasn’t here with his Surf. Also it is beginning to show its age, requiring more frequent oil top-ups than it should, so I’ve decided to move on.

So yesterday we went to check out a couple of cars. We just went to one yard and I drove a Rav4 4-door, a Subaru Forrester and, after some arm-twisting, a VW Passat. I like the look and handling of the Rav4 but that one was feeling its age and mileage. The Subaru was OK: nothing to get excited about and really lacked any ‘go’ (although our consulting mechanic says that putting 91 fuel in them robs them of that and they’re very different with a better fuel). The VW was lovely, significantly younger than the other two although about the same mileage as the Forrester but a quite different car to drive. But also a bit more than we want to spend and more expensive for parts.

So the search continues. I’d quite like to say yes to the VW but that would be a bit indulgent for a car that I’ll only drive every other week most of the time. I’m keen to try a late 90s Rav4 of under/about 100,000 kms (the one I drove was a 95, with 178,000 on the clock). Let me know if you know of one!