In with Spring

Well I have abandoned the car search. I test drove quite a nice ‘small’ SUV and was about to get it mechanic checked when I got sick again and had to cancel that and when I did that I felt so relieved that I realised that I really didn’t want a big car, never mind the practicality. Anyway our mechanic Mark had put some engine cleaner in it and since then it hasn’t been a problem. So I am sticking with my MR2 for a while longer. Maybe in another 4-5 years we’ll look again.

My thing at the moment is researching and designing my medieval ‘pleasure garden’ and ‘herber’. I’ve two books out from the library and made great progress in what I want, and fitting it in the space allocated (to the north of the bedrooms). As well as the books (below) I’ve been referring to the Wyrtig website and the Cloisters museum blog. I had been planning to have the herber and pleasure gardens separated by a screen but now am thinking that I will combine them and have the trellis screen on the eastern side. I would love to fit in a covered walkway but can’t really see where at this point but there will definitely be an exedra and/or turf benches like the one pictured below.

In A Unicorn’s Garden

McLeod, Judyth A.

The Medieval Garden
Landsberg, Sylvia