I’m home from work feeling like its Friday already, but it’s only Monday. I’ve been hit by one of the lesser known oddities of CFS/ME – the inability of the body to adequately manage its own internal temperature. Twice in the last four days I’ve managed to get quite chilled in the morning, on Friday at work and then again on Sunday at fighters practice, and both times it completely shut me down. My brain feels like its become disassociated from the rest of my body and I find myself shuffling, uncertain of whether my legs are going to prove stable enough for each step. Luckily I had taken the opportunity of a short week, it’s Show Day this Friday, to book some extra leave and I won’t be back in the office now until Wednesday week, although I’ll be working at home both tomorrow and the following Tuesday. Being able to completely control my environment at home makes it much less stressful though.

I had originally intended the leave to allow me a rest/preparation day either side of a SCA event occurring over the long weekend. Generally Nick and I have gone to the tourney and feast at Golden Light as it has morphed form being an archery event to being a more general camping event. This year I am intending to put up the new ‘day’ pavilion, the bell wedge we bought last year. It will function as my base for the event and I’ll be able to take naps as required but I’ll return home to sleep as the site is only about ten minutes from home. Not sure how much Nick will participate but it doesn’t matter because I now have a car that can fit more than just me in.

Yes I have finally replaced the MR2! As often happens when we stopped looking the right one presented itself. It’s a Subaru Impreza, not quite a station wagon but bigger than a hatch back, Kiwi can just fit in the back area without the seats folded down and I would have no problem adding a few bags etc. We got very lucky and it’s quite young (2004), with low kms and after trading in the MR2 on it was very reasonably priced. And it’s a nice dark metallic blue, not that I factor in colour when buying a car but I would rather have a darkish colour than either black or white, especially white. So now I can take kiwi to the dog park occasionally.