Online resources clothing and textile related terms from medieval England: “The Project will investigate the complex relationships between vocabulary, artefact and image. Also included in the database will be definitions in modern English of medieval technical processes and artefacts”

Wallace Collection Queen of Swords exhibition. CCL has the book but sadly the iBook is not available to NZers – damn you Apple! I contacted the Wallace collection directly and they sent me a copy for which I loudly proclaim their awesomeness. Actually they are pretty awesome anyway. I didn’t manage to make it there on my four days in London but Nick has been. I’d love to buy him the catalogue for Christmas but its really out of our budget. Also since nothing has been done about getting the workshop running there’s not a lot of point at this stage.

I’m really annoyed at Apple about the iBook thing. I tried to get an answer out of them earlier with regards a series that the British Library we’re publishing but just got the run around. They’re even blocking FREE content for NZers.

Meanwhile we’re all thrilled that the Met in New York have published online their ‘back catalogue’ of books as PDFs. What an awesome thing to do. It will be very interesting to hear whether they see an increase in sales of in-print items. But it just so makes sense, many of the titles are quite old now, they’re unlikely to every reprint them and so have probably made as much money as they’re going to, so why not make them available. I have been pretty restrained so far and have only grabbed a couple of titles, one of which is a catalogue from a tapestry exhibition. It’s making me even more excited about our projected trip to the states in 2016 for the SCA’s 50th birthday.