Whirlwind month

So I am reaching the end of what I’m calls the whirlwind month. It starts with Canterbury Faire at the end of January then a week after that ends I’m off to Wellington for Webstock and then this year the Thursday after Webstock I was on a plane again to go to a concert in Auckland – I’m writing this the day after in Hamilton at Sarah’s place. I am slightly amazed that I’m still standing to be honest, especially after my reaction to the trip to Australia last year.

I’m trying to stay very much in the present and get through the potentially stressful things one at a time and I think that that is paying off. Instead of not doing something because I’m afraid that it will trigger a reaction I try to have a plan B for everything so that I feel that I have options for every step. I also am trying to do all the planning so that I have that level of control, that way, also, if someone stiffs up I only have myself to blame.

Anyway the concert was fantastic. Everything went right, the shuttle arrived on time, the flight was fine, Sarah picked me up from the airport, we found a carpark very close by, had dinner at the arena bistro, enjoyed the concert, even the warm up band (although we both had difficulty discerning words, it was fine for me because I knew the lyrics already, mostly). Even though I had to sit through the whole thing, and the people in front of us stood, I had a good view most of the time. It was a great show, a good mix from all the albums with excellent visuals. We got home to Hamilton a bit after 1:00 and it was 2:00 by the time I was drifting off but I don’t feel too bad at all today, although a little hoarse.

SCA 50th Anniversary is in June 2016 and I’m very focused on getting to that and then heading to the east coast to NY and other cities. Right now that is looking achievable. So Yay.