Orchard update

Nick and I have had a couple of busy weekends planting things in the new orchard. A few months ago we decided that there wasn’t enough space in the ‘house block’ the area that we had fenced off around the house, for all the fruit trees that we wanted. Also the row nearest the house was right in the way of where I want my covered walk at the north of my medieval pleasure garden (more on that later). However the next ‘block’ over was just perfect. Directly north of the house its also a little up-slope, with the highest ‘ridge’ of the property just on the other side of the fence. Its a good size, about 50m down the north boundary and about 40 on the other edge.

It will work out well as my research into what constituted a ‘medieval’ garden indicated that an orchard should be part of the plan. The new orchard will connect with the medieval pleasure garden with the covered walk separating the two, and perhaps providing a backdrop for some espaliered trees. I’ve insisted that the orchard be hedged to offer the trees some protection and to make it clearly separate from the paddocks. The northern boundary will be hedged in hawthorns which we put in, bare-rooted, the weekend before last. The east boundary will probably have hazelnuts and we haven’t discussed the west yet.

This weekend past we, well mostly Nick of course, planted a dozen new fruit trees including apples, pears, plums, apricots. Nick’s got a couple of busy weekends ahead but when he is free we plan to move the surviving three trees from down by the pump shed – a cherry, pear and peachacot, none of which have provided any fruit yet. The other trees planted by the house we will leave for another year so that we will get fruit from them this season.

We’re also planning a gazebo in the centre of the orchard – it will be on a flat area directly inline with the theatre room windows so that when you are sitting in there you will see it in the distance. But that is probably a few years away yet. I had initially though just a couple of ‘stone’ curved benches as somewhere to sit but if Nick wants to do something a bit more elaborate I won’t stand in his way.

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