To council and more

So we went to council and the event was approved. Now the real work begins which in the medium term breaks into three categories:

  1. advertising
  2. recruiting
  3. making


There are lots of different kinds of advertising involved in an event. Sometimes you can just get away with the basics, which have to happen anyway – getting the details on the ‘official’ calendars. In this case I have done this – I still had the log in details for the baronial Google calendar from when I was web officer so I added it there first. The Kingdom also has a Google calendar but events need to be submitted via a form and then approved by the sponsoring group’s seneschal. In both cases I kept to the basics for space purposes: a brief description, time and place, costs and audience note which in this case includes kids and dogs. Since there is already a dog on site both kids and dogs need to be dog friendly. These will be followed by similarly basic event notices in the local newsletter.

Then you have the more ‘in-game’ type ads. I’m going to do a series of these to appeal to local artisans /merchants, archers, fighters and bards as we have items at the event specific for those and we want generate some ‘excitement’ in those groups for the event. This is where you can really bring out the ‘theme’ of the event, hint at other aspects and, hopefully, get people planning for it. My ‘communications plan’ allows for a couple of these on the local mailing list and newsletter for each edition between now and the event, of which there are three (July, August, September).

Finally I’m also going to do a couple of short articles which will expand on the ads above. Time allowing I will do one on holmgangr, one on Viking archery and the wand/apple shoot, one on Norse food and another on Norse poetry/riddles, all with sources so that (again hopefully) people might get excited about trying something new, or something they already do but with a specific Norse flavour, and at the same time give them some easy sources so they don’t have to work too hard to get there.


While Nick and I could probably do all this ourselves, and will do the planning and making of stuff etc, but on the day I like to have deputies for all main parts of the event. This means that if one of us has to run off and deal with an emergency there are still a couple of people who can keep things running. In addition the plan is to overlap the end of one event with the beginning of the next, so again, having some extra people who can keep things running will help with continuity. My other reason for wanting to recruit sub-stewards is that it gives newer people the opportunity with helping run an event without having to do the whole thing which is good for bringing on new event stewards.

The other group of people we need to recruit are marshals, range marshals, lists and herald: all offices which have special requirements in training and/or SCA accreditation. The more of these offices we can fill in advance the better. However I can leave asking for helpers until a bit closer to the event.

Making and acquiring stuff

We need a bit of stuff for this event, props and consumables, such as the wands to be shot at etc. Some of this I’ll borrow, and some of it will have to be made. Also we have a bonfire to build. More on this later.