I’ve been planning this project for a good year and after a false start am finally ready to start weaving. It all began with two cones of cream 2/16 worsted yarn in my stash. I decided that I wanted to use it for cloth for a jacket and came across this neat 8 shaft snowflakes pattern that I liked and decided to do that.

So after doing all the calculations I started winding the warp and found that the yarn must have been moth attacked and there were lots of weak points. Having worked with breaky yarn before I abandoned the idea of using that for warp and went and bought some online. However what I bought, while lovely, is a lot thicker than the stash yarn and the pattern really requires equally thick warp and weft so I will still have the stash yarn.

Anyway the loom is finally warped and ready for some coloured yarn picks to check I’ve threaded correctly and if all is well I can start. This will be my first 8-shaft project so quite exciting. I should get a bit over 4m.