The Base

Readers may have noticed that the base is rather high on the list of work to be done, this is because I intend to reassemble the lathe on it as parts are finished, This will cut down space required to do the job and reduce handling of the parts. It comprises a number of systems like the coolant tank and all of the lathes electrical components reside here and it also has the motor mounting with belt tensioner built into the bottom of one of the cupboards.

I have removed the electrics so as to clean and paint the base and in doing so noticed a few things.

  1. the wire is all very old and crisp so will need replacing
  2. the contactors are the same age as the wires
  3. the motor bearings are a bit rough and need replacement
  4. the motor is not totally enclosed so has sucked quite a bit of oil and dust over the years

Although the motor bearings would be easy to do the motor is still very old and the stater will not be all that clean so I am thinking to replace it with a new one and replace the contactor and fuses and speed selector with a VFD and at the same time convert the lathe to single phase power which will make it more salable later if the need arises. This is going to be easy as there are no other systems requiring power, coolant pump is mechanical and there are no electrical controls to contend with. Other considerations here were that the belts need replacing and they will be a different length for the new motor and if I run the motor at 60 HZ the lathe will be running at 1200 RPM. I feel that this will be the subject of another post.

The chip tray has a couple of good dents to remove so I have unscrewed that and it needs a couple of little angles welded back onto it before painting. I gave it a clean and water-blast then stripped the paint from it with a stripping disk followed by some spot work with the paint stripper in the corners. The coolant tank is welded directly to the bottom of the tray and looks to be in good order, I am considering painting the inside of it with resin to ensure that it is coolant tight and to protect in the future. It is quite small so a kit designed for a motorbike fuel tank would be plenty for this. The outlet and drain fittings had a coating of some kind of resin around them which could be a leak repair so I will re-weld them the original weld looks like it lacks fusion and doesn’t wet out very well I think that silver solder/braze will be best for this. There is also a small crack around the top of the tank I suspect that it was welded top and bottom then ground almost through the weld this will be a pretty quick fix. I would have liked to just refuse this with TIG perhaps a TIG braze but it has oil in the cracks so it has turned into a MIG job. and there was solder so I will just re-solder these areas as they would just be too hard to clean back to steel.

Bottom of Chip tray showing dents

The cabinets are actually a sturdy welded frame with the cabinet skins attached to them this is all pretty straight and will just need to be stripped and painted I don’t intend to paint the insides as they are original colour and the paint is in good order. so the outside will be stripped and painted. The Motor mount will be drilled to fit new motor and I will leave it at that until it is time to mount the electrics.