Gussying up the old digs

So for the last, god knows how long, Nick and I have been dining at SCA camping events under an old torn motor-tent roof that we pulled out of a dumpster after the last Canterbury Faire that I stewarded. So we’re probably talking 25 years. Given that we got it for free it has done us sterling service really. We had it repaired once, adding a new patch to the pre-existing ones, but every year I’d been saying all it would take was a good gust of wind and it would tear in half like a well-worn chemise.

Canterbury Faire 2018
The old dining tent, just left of centre. Heorot campsite, Cnaterbury Faire 2018

So last year we finally bit the bullet and bought a brand new pavilion from Panther (all our pavilions are Panthers). Due to no fault of the manufacturer it didn’t actually arrive until after the event so this weekend we invited team Heorot over and put up the new dining pavilion and table extensions. We had measured very carefully and ensured that we bought a pavilion with the uprights that support the roof beam in just the right place to take the existing round table (which is in two halves), put each half on the outside of the upright support pole and by adding two extensions turn our round table into a long oval. I had been a bit concerned that there wasn’t going to be enough room between the table and the walls, even though we knew there would be more than in the old dining tent, but its going to be great.

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I’m going to convert the old Rene of Anjou style candle holders to take some LEDs that will shine up and bounce light off the white ceiling so we should be good for lighting and I am planning a series of 8 Millefleur painted hangings and shelves for dishes. Its going to be fabulous and we will be able to host our group with guests in comfort and style – its the Heorot way!

Millefleur inspiration images on my Pinterest.