Hangings project

So our new pavilion has been erected and the table tested for fit but we wanted more, MoRe, MORE. A lighting project is underway and so is a project to make wall hangings based on heraldic mille-fleurs tapestries of the later 15th century. A couple of examples of these are shown here and you can see more on my Pinterest board.

We measured around the tent and the gaps between every second pole worked out at about 150cm, so we aimed to find fabric of about that width and hang each hanging almost to the floor so that we can stow items in the gap behind it. I wanted a lighter fabric and was able to purchase a dark blue cotton poplin that should do the trick. Once edged it should be around 142cm wide – we will use tapes to hold it in place and possibly weigh the bottom edge if necessary.

The plan is to paint the little flower ‘slips’ on in an overlapping grid of A4 blocks, like a brick wall on its side. I have started making exemplars based on those shown in extant tapestries. Once each ‘tapestry’ is painted we will invite everyone who camps with us to bring their arms painted on a light-weight cloth that can be pinned in the centre of one of the tapestries. The arms cloths should be painted with no edges and measure 75cm square for  shield shapes (75 top width, 75 top edge to bottom point) or 75 wide and 95 high for lozenges (lozenges are the traditional shape for arms for ladies).

Below are some working drawings.

Sample painting

Sample painting