Making shoes again

After three years of declaring, ‘all my shoes are falling apart i must make some new ones’ i have finally started. They are based on the pretty 14th C green ones that i made in 2014 but were just a little too short. I have added in around 5-6 mm into the area around the ball of the foot as the previous ones fit fine across the foot but my toes were just a bit close to the end for comfort.

After perusing our extensive stack of leather I decided on a rather lovely red chrome tanned leather which i am 99% certain is couch leather and I suspect came from the now empty and removed container. I have decided to double sole it so it will be a turnshoe but with a rand for sewing to the bottom sole. I am also going to add an extra layer in the heel because I always wear those down. And for the first time I have added a top-edge along the heel piece, it just crosses the join with the vamp and has significantly strengthened that edge. The red leather is strong but quite stretchy and i think that the top-edge was a good move, also the off-white on the red looks great.

Uppers sewn up (closed)
Shoe pieces cut out
Shoe pieces and Goubitz
The book is Stepping Through Time by Goubitz