Saffron insanity

So a few years ago Nick and I purchased and planted 100 saffron bulbs. For the first couple of years we got enough that it was worth having but we tended to get through it all. Then we started getting larger and larger crops – the bulbs had divided and created new bulbs which were also producing. This was great, we now had more saffron than we could use in a year and we started being pretty liberal with it. I made a mental note that they probably needed to be lifted, divided and replanted, but never seemed to get around to it.

Then this year i was determined to do it, bad back be damned. Well that’s not quite what happened – i hurt my back again tying up the loom for the next project and so Nick and our friend Rowley got out there and dug and dug and dug all the bulbs up. And there were a lot more bulbs than i had expected. In fact we think that there were probably more than 1000 bulbs in all, although many of them are pretty small.

Nick and i have replanted three times the area and easily double the density we had before and we still have a huge number left. Some of this will be going to friends. Some perhaps are too small to be viable? I don’t know, I’ve never been much of a gardener.

Saffron bulbs
Saffron bulbs from the garden