Huck tea towel

Huck towels

In May(?) of 2019 I did a weekend workshop on Huck weave. To be honest I’d never been that interested in Huck or the other lacy weave but when I started doing it in the 5/2 Ashford cotton that I’d bought earlier at Canterbury Faire I actually really liked the affect.

Below are my samplers from the workshop. I’d started them at 10 epi on the first day but decided it was too loose and re-sleyed overnight so the second days work was at 12epi. Still quite loose – it made a mice weight for a summer scarf. Huck is traditionally worked in a single colour, usually white on white but I got bored of that pretty quickly and started weaving in green on the off-white cotton warp.

So being pretty happy with the sample I decided to weave 3 huck tea towels, each with a different colour and weave.

I started be setting the warp at 20 ends per inch based on an article in the Ashford magazine which suggested that this cotton should be set at 14, 18 or 20 but I quickly decided that 20 was too tight and resleyed it closer to 18 (actually 17.5).

The first towel has a band of huck in red at each end but is plain weave in the main part of the towel. This one is also different in that I wove a 5cm off-white hem on each end – you can’t see it in this picture because its on the back but the picture at the bottom shows it. That used the very last of the off-white cotton.

The second towel is an all over pattern in green. Somehow on this one I lost count of the length and made it a bit long which is why the third towel is a bit short. This green one was perfect to cover two batches of bagels at the 2019 Christmas brunch however.

Huck tea towel

And the last, and shortest, towel, almost a placemat really, was in a nice mercerised cobalt blue. I particularly like this one’s cross-hatch design – most of the surface is actually still plain weave and none of the floats are very long so it shouldn’t be too prone to catching on things.

Huck tea towel
Blue Huck tea towel

Despite the slight size issue I’m very happy with the results. All three have a really nice feel to them and great absorbency should I ever use them as tea towels! Really they’re more likely to be used to cover food and or to go under things in a more decorative fashion. Below are some of the photos taken during the weaving process.