Nick and Simone having been making things as long as they can remember. Nick is a bladesmith and has made some beautiful damascus (pattern welded) steel knives and daggers and swords. He has also made a lot of SCA armour in his workshop.

Simone has worked in diverse crafts such as sewing costume, spinning, natural dyeing and weaving and leather work. This section of our site has examples and occasional descriptions of this work.


  • Pink and grey overshot table runner on a brown tablecloth.
  • White scarf showing areas with different texture on a dressmaker's dummy,
  • Brown and black diamond woven cloth on a loom
  • White complex twill towel with blue bands each end.
  • Blue and white tea towel with dimond effect weaving
  • Grey and burgundy checky scarf
  • Alpaca and wool scarf in beige with a brown stripe on a dress maker's dummy
  • 3 skeins of bricky-orange coloured wool on a cutting mat
  • Yellow, orange and black wool wound side by side.
  • Skeins of blue wool in various shades
  • Three skeins of yellow wool, one slightly dark than the other two
  • Yellow dress hanging on the line still damp.

Costume & accessories

  • Sixteenth century loose gown
  • Sigurd and me at Lochac winter coronation, July 2019
  • Man with long dark hair pulled back in a black coat with multi coloured embroidery down the front edges, a thin white belt and necklace chains.
  • Woman wearing a fur trimmed hat, white dress covered by a red wrap and dark red smock with bead and disc jewellery.
  • Red wool burgundian kirtle.
  • Elizabethan men's outfit in beige and black worn by a woman in a feathered hat standing in front of a white tent
  • Blue velvet houppelande
  • Woman wearing a green Elizabethan style gown with golden sleeves and a black 'French hood'
  • Laurelling gown