Bespoke Knives

All of my knives are handmade. Most of them are designed by me, made, and put up for sale or ‘Off the Peg’.  I also offer custom or bespoke knives.

My ‘off the peg’ range are all great knives – the only difference between how I make them and how I make bespoke knives is how the decisions are made. On an ‘off the peg’ knife, I decide as I work based on what my experience tells me people will like.  This allows me to have knives that people can purchase and take home immediately. Check out the home page to see what is currently available.

In its simplest form a custom order might include a specific handle material. Perhaps some changes to the size or shape of the grip. I am happy to work from samples or sketches.  Often creating a custom specification will not incur extra cost but it will mean a longer delivery time. With a custom piece there might be a fitting or two to ensure that we get it as right as possible for you. At these points it is often possible to make quite dramatic changes with no increase to the cost.

If you are thinking that a knife would make a great gift then you can give a custom knife package where the receiver gets the joy of making all the hard choices and the giver simply sets a budget.

To discuss custom orders please contact Me.