Quarter Horses

Quarter horses are renowned worldwide for their excellent temperament, strength, agility and speed, making them perfect working horses and a fun, safe ride for anyone. Although primarily desired for all forms of Western riding, we consider that quarter horse breeding is advantageous for a wide variety of disciplines.

Argyle Major Dark Lad (Q818) pure-bred quarter horse stallion was bred by Julie Andrews 1993-10-23. He came to us early in 2006, and passed away in 2019. His kind temperament exemplified everything that people that have worked with quarter horses have come to love about the breed and has been passed on to all his offspring.

We are pleased to have One of Lad’s offspring for sale at this time.

Nick on Lad, December 2006

Lad’s Family Tree

Argyle Major Dark LadMajor Prescription (imp)Docs Prescription
Linda Holly
Clover Dark Lady (imp)Clover Pepsi
Clover Roulette


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