Hrothgar and Lil


We have three lovely chestnut mares that we have bred from.


Alonzo Impressor, was our first mare that we leased and then purchased. Her progeny from Lad are:

She passed 2 August 2021.

Jack and Zoe
Jack the Lad with his mum Zoe, September 2007


Bar-W-Bar Chex Lightning, born 1996-11-12, came to us under the name Lace which we changed back to Lightning because we thought that it suited her better. She has since been sold but her progeny from Lad are:

Heorot Dawn
Heorot Dawn with mum Lightning, November 2009


Little Doc’s Sugar Cube, born 1993-09-24, was initially bought as a riding horse but became lame soon after her arrival. When it became apparent that the lameness was not going to heal she became our third broodmare. She had her first foal in 2010.

Hrothgar and Lil
Hrothgar and mum Lil, December 2010